Sprinkle of Jeezy

Screenshot of Sprinkle of jeezy Quote Generator

I consider Sprinkle of Jeezy to be my baby. I came up with the idea when I first started programming, after seeing a similar app gain popularity on twitter, but at the time I had no knowledge of how to make it. After completing Colt Steele's Web Develeper Bootcamp course on Udemy, I knew enough to be dangerous. The application's home page uses an AJAX call to display randomly selected quotes stored in the backend database. Guests that access the backend can submit some of their favorite motivational rap quotes, by providing the line, artist, and the song. Users also have the option to connect with spotify to allow the application to modify their player. Afer authentication the users can press the play button, and play the song that the quote came from. I also have it connected to an alexa app that allows the smart speaker to grab information from the api to say the random quote. I am developing more features all the time. If you would like to access the code it can be found on the github